Friday, May 29, 2009

Taggie Blanket

I whipped up a taggie blanket for a friend.

I am in love with the fabric. I would love to say I patch work quilted it but alas I did not LOL.

It was dead easy to do although next time I think I will just do a pressed seam and top stitch rather than sew and turn it out and blind stitche the opening, or I could just make the opening smaller.

Also I think I might use a fleece as a backing, it will make it a bit thicker and more cozy.

I also want to have a go at making a pettiskirts! They are just the most adorable skirts.

Although I don't think I can justify the $ when I have no little girls to wear it. My fingers are crossed that I have a little neice on the way ( c/sect 15th June ) so I might be able to get away with it ;)

Pettieskirt tut on martha

On the Lilypad front, I FINALLY sold my first froggy!!!!

The i heart craft froum is doing ok, we have roughly 26 member and a few have started posting on a regular basis, I really hope IHC will oneday be as popular as some of the other big craft forums :D Baby steps baby steps LOL

I've been doing some design work, here is what the client chose, a very elegany black, pink and white desgin.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ruffled Bloomers

I've been busy sewing last night and today!

I've seen ruffled bloomers around which tend to cost an arm and a leg, so I thought I would try my hand at making some!

And this was the result.

Sorry the pics aren't the best!

I'm hoping to have them up for sale at Lilypad Creation so keep posted :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Katies having a baby!!!!

My Little sister is having her first baby in less than 8 weeks!

So we are throwing her a baby shower!

Her nursery is tiffany blue with a cherry blossom theme, so I themed the invites around that of course!

She doesn't know if its a boy or a girl (thanks jon!)

So here it is :D

New look IHC!

I have changed the template, do you like it?

I have no idea how to work the link and ad certain things but I'm getting there and its looking rather pretty :D

A little update on things...

I have so many thoughts and idea's rolling around in my head, I just wish I could actually get some of them out on paper!

♥Some new things going on I am in the process of getting the and getting the forum set up over there, for some reason the forum has been playing up and there is little to no support from the provider so I might have to start from scratch but never fear I will let all the current members know if there are any changes.

♥I have to design some logos for site links and banners for sigs, blogs etc

♥I have some exciting ideas that I am hoping will get off the ground, watch this space for updates :D

♥Invite design jobs in the works which is exciting.

♥Design and make up some wet bags for Lilypad, I have to get photos worthy of the site as well as some better pics of the quillow (not sure how I'm going to do that, if you have any idea's let me know :D)

♥Have a certain little mans 2nd birthday coming up which is just crazy! (I'm in denial that I have a growing little guy!)

♥Find a house to rent, I want my own space and a craft room, studio with heaps of room for all my craft stuff and a massive cutting, sewing table!

Well thats all I've got, I will end with showing off my latest design jobbie!